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Ronnie Foster - Chesire Cat

Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Jimmy Smith - Home Cookin'

Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Harold Vick - Steppin' Out

Richard 'Groove' Holmes - The Groover

The Hammond Jazz Inventory
Newsletter Issue May 2011


Very long time no see indeed. The last newsletter we sent out was in June 2009. (We don't count in the rendeer pulling a B3 in december 2009). 2010 wasn't a particular good year for us and that is reflected in the (lack of) developments at the site but we're back on track. I imagine you thinking we must have piled up a lot of old and new news since then. Sit down and read on, it will not be too bad.

Interface 2.0
On 21 March 2011 we released an improved web interface for the site, modified and added a few pages. For example, we now have a page with all the jazz organists listed in one place, complete with their picture. We believe visitors now get faster at the heart of the matter, jazz organists and their music.

The Hammond Jazz Agenda
Talking about new pages, sometimes we also have to say goodbye to existing pages. As it seems now, The Hammond Jazz Agenda will soon dissappear. We simply haven't the resources to keep the page up to date and the agenda wasn't used that much anyway. In this world of social media, people are in direct contact with the musicians they like. They are told about gigs and concerts the band itself. An online agenda is so old fashioned, we'll have to get rid of it. For the people that did use the agenda and the few who helped in compiling the information we say "sorry" and "thank you" respectively.

Social media
Now you mention social media, did we ever tell you we also have a facebook page. I bet we did. Stil, we want to encourage you to become a fan. To be honest, there's not really going on a lot, but for us it's a great marketing tool.

Updated download
Maybe it's not visible enough on the site, but we offer the complete Hammond Jazz Ineventory discography as a download. No, not the music, the catalogue, the Inventory. As pdf files. We have updated the files recently and you can find them here.

Statistics and new Albums
Last april we added album number 500 to The Hammond Jazz Inventory. By the time of this writing we list 508 albums, 213 bands and 1272 musicians. We intend to keep on growing. Below we list the last 18 modified and new albums.

Diversity #2
Seleno Clarke

All In One Diversity
Seleno Clarke

Send Me Softly
Milt Buckner

Alive And kickin'

Big Organ Trio

Leipe Shit Ouwe

Caesar Frazier

Organik Vibe Trio

Young Powell Vespestad

A Philadelphia Story
Papa John DeFrancesco

A Thing To Come By
Jimmy McGriff Organ & Blues Band

Euro Cinema

NYC Serenade
Akiko Tsuruga

Open House
Johnny "Hammond" Smith

A Little Taste
Johnny "Hammond" Smith

A Change Is Gonna Come
Brother Jack McDuff

Talking To The World
Maggy Scott

St. Louis Blues
Akiko Tsuruga

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That's it for now
We hope you will visit and enjoy The Hammond Jazz Inventory

Sincerely, Taeke S. Tuinstra on behalf of The Hammond Jazz Inventory.

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