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Reuben Wilson - Organ Donor

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Herbert Noord

Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Ronald van Driel

Booker Ervin,Don Patterson,Sonny Stitt - Soul People

The Hammond Jazz Inventory
Newsletter Issue December 2009

Some Hammond Jazz activity suggestions for the coming year

Go and get Rise Up!. As far as we are concerned, The Hammond jazz event of 2009, created for you by Dr. Lonnie Smith

Keep an eye on Michel Benebig. He will be releasing a new CD in 2010

Download the complete content of The Hammond Jazz Inventory database to your computer in PDF format. Last updated today!

Become a volunteer in keeping the Agenda up to date. We might be forced to remove it from the site, wouldn't that be sad.

Put a link form your site to us. How? Get som help here

Go to Denver (USA) the first of january and see Joey DeFrancesco in Dazzle's

Send us a suggestion for an activity

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We hope you will visit and enjoy The Hammond Jazz Inventory

Sincerely, Taeke S. Tuinstra on behalf of The Hammond Jazz Inventory.

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