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Lou Donaldson - Hot Dog

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Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Grant Green

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Billy Larkin & The Delegates - pigmy

Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Jimmy Smith - Softly As A Summer Breeze

Big Organ Trio - Big Organ Trio

Jimmy Smith - Midnight Special

Ray Vanderby Hammond Combo - Orange Not Blue

Barbara Dennerlein

Jimmy Smith - A New Sound, A New Star: Jimmy Smith at the Organ, Vol. 2

A mini concert but really great

Every Hammond jazz lover that was in the neighborhood of Eindhoven, The Netherlands last 30 of June should have come to Musifix to experience that days so called mini concert. Mini concerts are organized every last saturday of the month by Sjaak van Oosterhout, the owner of Musifix. The concept is elegant, simple and cute. Sjaak makes room for a concert hall in his giant workshop stashed with Hammond organs and parts (see picture),

The Musifix workshop

sells really cheap tickets (5 Euro) and pours some coffee, tea and soft drinks. The revenue will go to the artists. These days artists where Rob Mostert on Hammond B-3, Bert Schipper on drums, Trinus de Vries on tenor sax together with singer Lils Mackintosh performed. The band played some songs of the B-3 B-Loose CD and some of the Lils Mackintosh CD "Comes Love". On top of that there was a Joey DeFrancesco composition and some more I can't remember by name. Lils doesn't have her own page in The Hammond Jazz Inventory because she hasn't recorded with an organist. Yet, because the good news is that this will change as Rob Mostert and Lils Mackintosh are planning a CD together.

Lils & Trinus & Rob Mostert as seen in the mirror hanging from the wall.

Although only about 20 people showed up for the concert, the four musicians played with full dedication. And that is something that really touches me. It was a mini concert, but is was great. Trinus de Vries is a saxophone player who leaves an solid impression and Bert Schipper is one of the exceptional drummers that can captivate me with a drum solo. To finish I have to point out a fine provision Sjaak realized in his improvised concert hall. A mirror hanging with a 45 degree angle from the wall behind the band so the public could see a whole lot of the art that was happening on the keys of the B-3. An example more professional concert stages could follow.

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Hi ya'll

i didn't know about this site untill i found an old email of Carlo De Wijs where he pointed this site out! Great Site!

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