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Dr. Lonnie Smit, Martien Oster and The Orginal Grooves - Dr. Lonnie Smit Meets Martien Oster and The Orginal Grooves

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Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Brother Jack McDuff - A Change Is Gonna Come

Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Alen Brown Trio - About That Time

Jimmy Smith quote
So when I came out that fuckin' warehouse, man, I was ready for anybody.

Lonnie Smith and John Abercrombie Trio - Afro Blue

Reuben Wilson - Movin' On

La Mamiwatta - Sirenes

Greg Hatza

Lou Donaldson - Here 'Tis

Stefano di Battista - Trouble Shootin'

The Prince's Groove.

Vince Seneri - The Prince's Groove

Right now I own two CD's of Vince Seneri, Urban Paradise and Street talk and I really like them. Why? Because Vince Seneri has an organ playing and arranging style that I best can summarize with the statement; "it makes me happy". His style has a quick lightfootedness without handing in quality or in being serious about music which is also emphasized by the quality musicians playing with him. This is why I was very pleased to hear that coming March 10 a new CD of Vince will be released. I am even more delighted that I can listen to it now already. I'm talking about "The Prince's Groove", Vince's first title in which his nickname The Prince - given to him by his fellow musicians - is reflected. This album has some similarities with the two aforementioned CD's. For example, the featured musicians again are all very capable famous experienced artists; Randy Brecker on trumpet and flugelhorn Paul Bollenback on guitar, Dave Valentin on flute, Houston Person playing tenor saxophone, Richie Flores and Gary Fritz doing the percussion work and Buddy Williams hitting the drums. (Why is it drummers are alway mentioned the last, Buddy is not the least).

There are also some differences between The Prince's Groove and the previous albums I mentioned.First, this one even is better. Granted, totally subjective, so on to the second. The Prince's Groove is "jazzier". Not only due to Vince's B-3 playing that has matured into something totally idiosyncratic. Also Paul Bollenback and Randy Brecker - who makes his entrance in The Hammond Jazz Inventory, what a shame you should have come earlier - are putting their very jazzy stamp upon this Album. Third, the repertoire is very diverse. There's a huge world between the lovely soft layed back interpretaton of "The Nearness Of You" with Houston Person and the steaming "Overdrive" which is one of Vince's own compsositions and will probably become my personal favourite of this album.

If you are serious about Hammond jazz you can't miss this CD. And oh, three things. I forgot to mention one similarity with Vince's previous work; "The Prince's Groove" also makes me happy. I now have three CD's of Vince Seneri. And Vince Seneri's orghammogram has become more interesting with this release.

Look here for details. You'll find a track listing and some sound samples.

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