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The Demagogue Reacts! - Kazzbah

Vince Seneri quote
Joey has left the company.

Gloria Coleman Quartet - Soul Sisters

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Nancy Wright with the Tony Monaco Trio - Moanin'

Stanley Turrentine

The Hammond Jazz Inventory
Newsletter Issue June 2009


More then 700 people have subscribed to this newsletter now. Once in a while we want to say hello to all of you. Hi there. In this issue we'll bring you up to date on the status and some new features of The Hammond Jazz Inventory website.

Statistics and updates
We now list more then 415 Hammond organ jazz albums. These pages document 79 instruments, 1043 musicians, 171 bands and 3396 songs. We update the site all the time. To help you to determine what is new on the site since you last visited we developed some helpful features:
  • If you visit The Hammond Jazz Inventory and you have done so before, in the upper part of the home page you will see a line like this:

    This feature only works if you have cookies enabled in your browser and your visit to the site is at least the second visit.
  • And then in the rightside vertical bar you can then see the 10 latest updates to the site

  • As a third, if you want to examine all the updates up to a year ago, visit our new what's new page.

Twitter and feeds

If the previous methods to keep you up to date seem to ad hoc for you, there are other ways to be kept informed in a more pro-active fashion. Since very recently we tweet our updates as well as some other stuff on Twitter.

A more conventional way to receive updates is RSS. We used to have 2 rss feeds but we merged them into a single and improved more elegant one over here.


By now you can tell we started our social networking attack on more then one frontline. Indeed. We invite you to become our friend on Myspace. We alreay have about 250 but hey, that's no number these online days.

Download the content
We decided to publish the entire content of our musician, album, band and song database - the heart of the website - in a downloadable pdf file for your convience. You can use these files as an offline reference for whatever purpose you think they fit. Our suggestion is to also mail the catalogue around to improve on our fame. Read more here or start downloading now.

This is no spam
Whatever your mail program may say, this is no spam. If you think so nonetheless and you don't want to receive messages like this, click this link. If that doesn't work for whatever reason, copy the next link and paste it into your browser:


That's it for now
We hope you will visit and enjoy The Hammond Jazz Inventory

Sincerely, Taeke S. Tuinstra on behalf of The Hammond Jazz Inventory.

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