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Blue Mitchell

Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Lewinsky Quartet - Omnipotent

Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Michel Bénébig - Live In Melbourne

The Veldman Brothers - Home

The Hammond Jazz Inventory
Newsletter Issue April 2009


Since we enabled visitors of The Hammond Jazz Inventory to subscribe to our newsletter from the frontpage of the site, quite some people did, so it's time to produce another issue. Last february we celebrated our second anniversary but we don't stop growing and developing the site. In this issue we'll bring you up to date about new developments:

Orghammospheres !!
We assume you know our award winning orghammograms. If you don't, here is a short desciption: "An orghammogram is a graphical representation of musicians that are related through one ore more recordings off (funk) jazz (or fusion) music in which the (Hammond) organ plays a significant role. An orghammogram is a model of reality only as far as these relations are retrievable from The Hammond Jazz Inventory database. When more information about recordings is added to the Hammond Jazz Inventory database the relation between musicians will change and so will the orghammograms change over time".

On top of these pieces of art we now have introduced Orghammospheres. Orghammopsheres represent about the same information as orghammograms do. The outstanding difference is they are in place animated. Orghammospheres morph into each other without having to load a different webpage in your browser. It's hard and dull to explain. You better have al look at them in action: Remember, we have about 1000 of them. Some overlap or morph into each other, some don't.

Amazon reviews
Whenever an album in The Hammond Jazz Inventory is for sale on Amazon, we now pull all the customer reviews from Amazon and put them on the album page. This means that from now on we have a few thousend reviews on the site. Now, that's a way to create content. Have a look at some of them over here.

James Shipp is musician #1000
Thousend orghammospheres means thousend musicians. Yes, indeed. Very recently we added musician number 1000 to our database; percussionist and vibist - among other instruments - James Shipp. To celebrate it we published an interview with him you can read here. James, thank's for the teamwork.

Visitors and page views
Not only are we growing, so is the number of visitors (blue) and pageviews (orange) you can see in the next picture. (Thank you for that Google).

We are happy with this trend and we hope it will continue. To help us, consider placing a link to The Hammond Jazz Inventory on your own website or blog. To help you with that we have created this page. From there you can simply copy the code to create a simple text link, or you can choose from three different sized banners.

This is no spam
Whatever your mail program may say, this is no spam. If you think so nonetheless and you don't want to receive messages like this, click this link. If that doesn't work for whatever reason, copy the next link and paste it into your browser:


That's it for now
We hope you will visit and enjoy The Hammond Jazz Inventory

Sincerely, Taeke S. Tuinstra on behalf of The Hammond Jazz Inventory.

© The Hammond Jazz Inventory
Hammond is a registered trademark of Hammond Suzuki Corp.

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