The Hammond Jazz Inventory
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Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis - Streetlights

Lou Donaldson quote
...the pulse is what really brings people to the music even rap musicians are smart enough to make a rhythm track first. Unfortunately, they start rapping on top of it...

Charles Earland - Leaving This Planet

Jimmy McGriff quote
Music is like a wheel, When you drive a car down a street, you might go down the same street, but you'll run over something today that wasn't there yesterday, so that puts a new look on that tire, and that's the way music is. When it goes over, it picks up something that wasn't there before.

T.C. Pfeiler - Dynaflow

Bob DeVos - Shifting Sands

Jimmy McGriff - Groove Grease

Rhoda Scott - Feelin' The Groove

Jimmy Ponder

Details for musician Reinier van Bevervoorde
Bands played in
The Fabulous Jets
Appears on

X-Mas in Odd Times
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Florian Hierdeis
Yvonne Mandigers
Elvis Sergo
Curtis T.
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