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Charles Earland - Leaving This Planet

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PLM trio - Stolen Moments

Jimmy McGriff quote
Music is like a wheel, When you drive a car down a street, you might go down the same street, but you'll run over something today that wasn't there yesterday, so that puts a new look on that tire, and that's the way music is. When it goes over, it picks up something that wasn't there before.

The Three Souls - Dangerous Dan Express

Bruno Erminero Trio - Listen To My Soul

Lils Mackintosh - About Crazy

Eddie 'LockJaw' Davis - Jaws In Orbit

Jimmy Smith - At The Organ, Volume 2

Details for band Matthieu Marthouret Organ Quartet

Musicians that recorded with this band
David Fettmann
Maxime Fougères
Manuel Franchi
Nicolas Kummert
Matthieu Marthouret
David Prez
Sandro Zerafa
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