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Zony Mash - Cold Spell

Orghammogram focus

Jack McDuff quote
Some people are messiní with the drawbars so much they donít get any playiní done.

James Shipp

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Hank Crawford & Jimmy McGriff - Soul Survivors

Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Grant Green

Groove Holmes - Blues All Day Long

Lou Bennett - Amen

Melvin Rhyne - Tomorrow Yesterday Today

The Steve Hall Quintet - Better Late

Richard 'Groove' Holmes - The Groover

Den Helder of all places

I found this text in my files, it's more then a year old. Never told you about this excellent concert, what a shame, it has such a nice picture with it.

If people visit Den Helder (Netherlands) it is because they are merely traveling to the island of Texel for a holiday. The city doesn't have a huge positive reputation and it isn't exactly the place where one would expect a top level Hammond jazz concert.

One can be wrong. An volunteer organization called "Nieuw & Diep" is doing an excellent job in organizing jazz concerts in Den Helder. And saturday 27 october (2007) it was really organizing; Martien Oster and The Original Grooves featuring Dr. Lonnie Smith gave a memorable concert in theatre Rialto, which is a place that - once inside - approximates a jazz club pretty well.

Although the name of Lonnie Smith appears at the end of the band name it is clear most people came for the Doctor. That is understandable. The man is a living legend and I mean literally living. Starting at about nine pm the doctor was still going strong at 1.30 in the night. It's hard to explain the energy he generates during his always swinging concerts.

And not only during his concerts. The next week I had the chance to have dinner with the Docter, Martien and Barend, the drummer. I remember being a little nervous a about maybe having nothing sensible to say but the minute he walked in he made me and everybody feel comfortable. I had a long pleasant night in which we talked about music and a lot of other stuff and again, the energy is hard to explain.

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