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Mort Weiss - The B-3 And Me

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Jimmy McGriff - City Lights

Rusell Malone quote
Iíve always felt that jazz is the way in which something is done. The material can come from anywhere ó what makes it jazz is the way you approach it.

Lonnie Smith and John Abercrombie Trio - Afro Blue

Bobby Pierce - Introducing Bobby Pierce

Greg Skaff - Blues For Mr. T

Alen Brown Trio - About That Time

Ben Waghorn

Details for album Cold Spell by Zony Mash

Band:Zony Mash »»
Rating: (1 votes)
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1 With the Space on Top »»
2 Happens Like That »»
3 Sex Friend »»
4 Prudence RSVP »»
5 Cold Spell »»
6 Mel »»
7 Let's Get Mashed »»
8 Smiles »»
9 Gift »»
10 Withdrawal Symptoms »»
11 Daylight »»
Fred Chalenor »»Bass
Wayne Horvitz »»Hammond B3
Andy Roth »»Drums
Timothy Young »»Electric guitar
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