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Details for album Dynamite by Fred van Zegveld

Band:Fred van Zegveld »»
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The story goes this album was recorded in a lost hour of studio time because the band that rented the studio didn't turn up. Fred van Zegveld and his band where there at the right place and time. The cover doesn't list the other band members but we managed to contact Fred van Zegveld in person to supply that information. The title track has appeared on the one and only Dutch Rare Groove collection CD but the rest of the album is not to be missed either. Highly recommended.
1 Family Blues »»03:19
2 Here, There, And Everywhere »»03:07
3 Daffodil »»02:00
4 Blue Organ »»03:19
5 Dynamite »»04:45
6 Misty »»04:06
7 Whiskey »»04:06
8 Round About 12 »»02:42
9 I Wanna Be Your Man »»06:21
Rick Beekman »»Guitar
Louis de Bey »»Drums
Ruud Jacobs »»Bass
Fred van Zegveld »»Hammond
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As far as we know this album is out of print. Dutch people can order a (legal) digitized copy on CD at fonos.
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