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Jimmy Smith - Standards

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Barbara Dennerlein - Take Off

Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Lonnie Smith - Jungle Soul

Melvin Rhyne - Tomorrow Yesterday Today

John Abercrombie - Speak Of The Devil

Reuben Wilson - Fun House

Wil Blades

Details for album Fire Trucks I Have Known by Nick Peck

Band:Nick Peck »»
Rating: (1 votes)
Your rating:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Chmod 755 »»04:26
2 Fire Trucks I Have Known »»05:24
3 The Chicken »»04:18
4 Heid and Seek »»05:20
5 Saturday Afternoon »»04:11
6 Extraordinary Joe »»05:32
7 Don't Let the Door Hit you in the Ass on the Way Out »»07:26
8 Got A Match? »»03:50
9 Magic Alex and his Green Light Rangers »»05:12
John Campbell »»Alt sax(tracks 2,5)
Seth Chapla »»Electric guitar(tracks 9)
Jim Diaz »»Drums(tracks 2,3-6,9)
Sean England »»Drums(tracks 1,3,8)
Pete Fogle »»Electric guitar(tracks 1,3,7,8)
Dale Gutman »»Trumpet(tracks 5)
Jake Langley »»Guitar(tracks 2,4,6)
Joe Nemzer »»Bass(tracks 1,3,8,9)
Nick Peck »»Electric Piano
Bob Rogers »»Tenor sax(tracks 5)
Steve Weaver »»Trombone(tracks 5)
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