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5 random organists in The Hammond Jazz Inventory

Raphael Wressnig

Leon Spencer

Arno Krijger

Pierre Sward

John Hondorp

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Album focus
Café d'Alderliefste (Bergen), zondagmiddag 2 februari: Juicy Organism
Juicy Organism is een jazzcollectief waarin het Hammond-jazzorgel, in navolging van jazzorgeltrio's en kwartetten in de USA, centraal staat in verschillende settings en features. Dit optreden speelt Juicy Organism, onderleiding van jazzorganist Jurriaan Leijen, als kwartet en bestaat verder uit Richie Reichgelt op gitaar, Wim Lammen op saxen en Karel Daran Scharten op drums. Dat Jurriaan Leijen zich laat beďnvloeden en inspireren door jazz-organisten als Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff en Lonny ... Read complete article
The Hammond Jazz Inventory goes Mobile
The number of visits made to The Hammond Jazz Inventory using a mobile device is steadily rising. Currently, mobile traffic is about ten percent of the total. While the site is rendered very well in browsers running on Apple and Android tablets, viewing it with a mobile phone browser is a bit of a hassle. We are happy to announce the immediate availability of a mobile version of the site which we call "The Mobile Hammond Jazz Inventory". To start with, we unlocked the discography part of our ... Read complete article

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Black B-3

Jackie Davis - Jumpin' Jackie

Greg Skaff - Blues For Mr. T

Barbara Dennerlein - Bebabaloo

Melvin Rhyne - Classmasters

Have a look at an orghammogram of Willie Yambo Bivens
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100 albums milestone reached, still growing
Today we reached a milestone. We published the hundredth album in The Hammond Jazz Inventory. In fact, as the time of this writing the number of albums has already grown to 102, really!! We have information on stock for another rough 200 Hammond organ jazz albums so the Hammond Jazz inventory will certainly keep growing in the future. As you might know, everything we publish has a relation to the combination of Hammond (organ) and Jazz. The ... Read complete article
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We have decided to publish the contents of The Hammond Jazz Inventory musician, band, album and song database in a pdf catalogue you can download for your convenience. Refer to the Inventory download page for details. The pdf catalogue will be slightly behind the updates on the site but we will publish up to date versions on a regular basis. Download the files and share them with other interested Hammond organ jazz lovers. We think this ... Read complete article
Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Even more random stuff

Jimmy Smith - Confirmation

Richard "Groove" Holmes - That Healin' Feelin'

Jerry Begonzi - A Different Look

Rhoda Scott - Encore, encore, encore

Pat Bianci - East Coast Roots

Reuben Wilson - Blue Break Beats

The Larry Goldings Trio - Moonbird

Ondrej Pivec Organic Quartet - Don't Get Ideas

Mike LeDonne - The Groover

Larry Young - Unity

Don Patterson - Donny Brook

Grant Green - Live At Club Mozambique

George Coleman

Jack McDuff - Check This Out

Carlo de Wijs