The Hammond Jazz Inventory
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Mel Brown B-3 Organ Quartet - Live At The Britt Festival

Lou Donaldson quote
...the pulse is what really brings people to the music — even rap musicians are smart enough to make a rhythm track first. Unfortunately, they start rapping on top of it...

Charles Earland

Seleno Clarke - All In One Diversity by Seleno Clarke

Richard 'Groove' Holmes - Soul Message

Vince Seneri - Street Talk

The Greg Hatza ORGANization - The Greg Hatza Organization

Recordings with both Ondrej Pivec and Libor Šmoldas

On The Playground »»
Libor Šmoldas Trio »»

Live! »»
Ondrej Pivec Organic Quartet »»

Never Enough »»
Ondrej Pivec Organic Quartet »»

Don't Get Ideas »»
Ondrej Pivec Organic Quartet »»

Details for musician Ondrej Pivec »»

Country:Czech Republic
Instrument:Hammond, Hammond B3
Orgammograms:Level-1 Level-2

Details for musician Libor Šmoldas »»

Country:Czech Republic
Orgammograms:Level-1 Level-2 Level-3