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Jimmy Smith - It's Necessary

Pierre Sward Hammond Jazz`n Soul Group - Up And At It

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Hank Crawford - Portrait

Organic Vibes - Glue

Jimmy Mcgriff - Electric Funk

Melvin Rhyne - Classmasters

Recordings with both Ondrej Pivec and Jakub Dolezal

Never Enough »»
Ondrej Pivec Organic Quartet »»

Live! »»
Ondrej Pivec Organic Quartet »»

Don't Get Ideas »»
Ondrej Pivec Organic Quartet »»

Details for musician Ondrej Pivec »»

Country:Czech Republic
Instrument:Hammond, Hammond B3
Orgammograms:Level-1 Level-2

Details for musician Jakub Dolezal »»

Instrument:Saxophone, Alt sax, Tenor sax
Orgammograms:Level-1 Level-2 Level-3