The Hammond Jazz Inventory
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Jerry Weldon - Well-Done!

Sylvester Goshay

Jimmy Smith - Keep On Comin'

Brother Jack McDuff - Who Knows What Tomorrow's Gonna Bring?

Libor Šmoldas Trio - On The Playground

Jan Kořínek and Groove featuring Eb Davis - I Write The Checks

Recordings with both Red Holloway and T.C. Pfeiler

Day Dream »»
Red Holloway & T.C. Pfeiler »»

Details for musician Red Holloway »»

Instrument:Tenor sax, Alt sax, Flute
Born:31 May 1927, Helena, Arkansas, USA

Details for musician T.C. Pfeiler »»

Instrument:Hammond B3, Hammond C3
Born:1 Jan 1958, Salzburg, Austria
Orgammograms:Level-1 Level-2