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Jake Langley - Doug's Garage

Album focus

Rusell Malone quote
I’ve always felt that jazz is the way in which something is done. The material can come from anywhere — what makes it jazz is the way you approach it.

Organic Vibes - Glue

Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Melvin Rhyne - Classmasters

Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Bob DeVos

Juicebox - Popcorn 69

Lonnie Smith - Think!

Jack McDuff

Shirley Scott - A Walkin' Thing

Don Patterson - Goin' Down Home

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Café d'Alderliefste (Bergen), zondagmiddag 2 februari: Juicy Organism

Juicy Organism is een jazzcollectief waarin het Hammond-jazzorgel, in navolging van jazzorgeltrio's en kwartetten in de USA, centraal staat in verschillende settings en features. Dit optreden speelt Juicy Organism, onderleiding van jazzorganist Jurriaan Leijen, als kwartet en bestaat verder uit Richie Reichgelt op gitaar, Wim Lammen op saxen en Karel Daran Scharten op drums. Dat Jurriaan Leijen zich laat beďnvloeden en inspireren door jazz-organisten als Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff en Lonny Smith is duidelijk in zijn speeltechniek en stijlinterpretaties te horen. Ook de legendarische "Hammond Blue Note Sound" als ook de lounge, hard- en bebopjazz van weleer, heeft zijn voorkeur. dit resulteert bij Juicy Organism dan ook in een nagenoeg authentieke uitvoering van het in de jaren vijftig en zestig zo populaire repertoire van de "swinging organjazz".

Aanvang muziek: zondagmiddag 2 februari om 17.00 uur, plaats: Café d'Alderliefste, Karel de Grotelaan 1, Bergen (N.H.).

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Hammond Songbook, I saw it on the radio

this will be replaced by the SWF.

Dutch organist Carlo de Wijs is building a Hammond Songbook. Every Sunday evening a person with some kind of significance in the music scene is invited to appear in the radio program Colive, hosted by Co de Kloet to talk about the three hammond organ tracks that person would like to add to the Hammond Songbook.

Yesterday The Hammond Jazz Inventory was invited, so that person was me. I had a hard time to choose only three songs from the thousends in The Hammond Jazz Inventory collection. But I made it. If you don't have the patience to listen to my contribution you can sneak preview is in the Hammond Songbook itself. You can also listen to my first appearance on Dutch National Radio.

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The Hammond Jazz Inventory goes Mobile

The number of visits made to The Hammond Jazz Inventory using a mobile device is steadily rising. Currently, mobile traffic is about ten percent of the total. While the site is rendered very well in browsers running on Apple and Android tablets, viewing it with a mobile phone browser is a bit of a hassle.

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of a mobile version of the site which we call "The Mobile Hammond Jazz Inventory". To start with, we unlocked the discography part of our database through this new interface, which is optimized for mobile phones. If a need arises to do so, we add might add the blog posts at a later point in time.

To get an impression of the appearance of the new interface, have a look at the screendumps taken on a HTC desire S phone.

The Mobile Hammond Jazz Inventory home page
The Album explorer options screen, ready to look for albums by organists with a surname starting with wilson
A listing of all albums on which Reuben Wilson plays the organ

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Juicy Organism, the Trio feat. Richie Reichgelt in restaurant De Zusters, Bergen

De Zusters presenteert donderdag 19 april 20120 muziek tijdens het eten van de jazzgroep Juicy Organism. Juicy Organism is een jazzcollectief waarin het Hammond orgel centraal staat in verschillende settings en features. In navolging van jazzorgeltrio's en kwartetten in de USA en geďnspireerd door de lounge en hard bop jazz presenteert Juicy Organism het in de jaren vijftig en zestig zo populaire repertoire van de "swinging organjazz". Geďnspireerd door bekende zwarte jazzorganisten als Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, 'Brother' Jack McDuff en Eddy Buster laat dit kwartet na jaren van betrekkelijke afwezigheid de authentieke lounge-live-sfeer herleven met een gevarieerd repertoire. Dit bestaat niet alleen uit thema’s van diverse componisten uit het traditionele jazzgenre, maar ook die van muzikanten uit eigen stal, verrijkt met hun eigentijdse spelopvattingen. De bezetting is Dick Remelink op tenorsax, Jurriaan Leijen op Hammond B3, Karel Daran Scharten op drums en als gast Richie Reichgelt op gitaar. Aanvang muziek: donderdag 19 april om 18.30 uur, plaats: restaurant De Zusters, Breelaan 26 te Bergen, Toegang vrij.

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Akiko Tsuruga has a new album out

And the release party is tonight !!

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Englewood Cliffs Sessions - Rob Mostert recorded by Rudy van Gelder

Whenever a new Dutch organ jazz album is to be released I am excited. If the album is recorded by Rudy van Gelder I am upset in a pleasant manner. As far as I know, the first album recorded by Rudy van Gelder with a Dutch organist behind the console is to be released very soon. The CD release party will be held on Tuesdag September 20, 2011 in club Panama Amsterdam.

Flying to America to record an Album with Rudy van Gelder is one thing and something to be jealous about. But how would you feel if Rudy van Gelder self would slides this feather up your ass:

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Jazz & Sail, Bergen, The Netherlands

By the time of this writing there are about 700 organ jazz albums in my collection. But
some jazz organists can only be enjoyed in a live concert. Why? One of; they didn't record or I didn't buy a record or they failed to send me their records. Among these jazz organists is Jurriaan Leijen. I keep waiting for a recording session. In the meantime I am lucky enough to live in the same area as he does so once in a while I can attend a gig and coming week is the next occassion.

Friday evening September 2, 2011 (8 pm) and Saturday afternoon September 3, 2011 (4 pm) in restaurant Gorter, Bergen, The Netherlands: Juicy Organism, The Trio.

Join me?

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Bob & Linda

In this poster: Linda Dachtyl

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We like that, new CD's

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The five hundredth album has arrived, Anthem

If you agree with the assertion that jazz is a relatively small part of all the music in this world and organ jazz is merely a niche within jazz, you could be (pleasantly) surprised by the diversity within this niche. A real reviewer would now come up with all kinds of different coloured paints to create a picture of this small part of the jazz landscape. Let me disappoint you by making a confession: I do not know where and how to start and feel a little embarrassed about it.

After listening to organ jazz for several years, sometimes for hours a day, I know a lot more then when I started. I have learned to recognize a lot of organists by ear. Charles Earland, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Jimmy Smith, Reuben Wilson, Barbara Dennerlein and Baby Face Willette can hardly hide for me. Not only did I get to know organists but I also got acquainted with guitarists like Grant green, Kenny Burell and Melvin Sparks to name a few, which I really enjoy and never would have known if I had never decided to delve into organ jazz. In the same way I am happy I now know trumpetists like Lee Morgan and Donald Byrd. I also discovered I have a weak spot for the vibes especially when played by Bobby Hutcherson or Cal Tjader. You will not find the latter in The Hammond Jazz Inventory but believe me, I have a life beyond this site.

Also, I have learned my jazz style preferences and I guess they are located in or near the jazz funk and soul jazz neighbourhoods. The "I guess" in the previous scentence brings me to the point I want to make; a more precise statement about the aforementioned confession and embarressement. I never have felt really comfortable with the nomenclature other "jazz" people seem to use so effortless and casual. Of course by now I know a little about bop, hard bop, cool jazz, avant-garde, soul jazz and post bop but I generally try to avoid the qualifications because I am just not sure enough. (A handicap really, when running a site like this).

I think it is for the same reason a lot of people just say "I don't like jazz". That's kind of funny; the same people not only started tapping their feet but even started to dance when I put a straight jazz record on. I don't suppose you want to maintain Lou Donaldon isn't playing jazz after all.

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Barbara in Kuumbwa

In this poster: Barbara Dennerlein

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Battle ahead

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Alberto Marsico in Zottegem (Belgium)

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Concert posters

Today, in a wave, we decided to introduce a new category in the blog section of The Hammond Jazz Inventory; Concert posters. They might come pretty late, or even after the concert in question took place. We just want to save them for our descendants. Why? Because they are nice to look at. Today, the first two. Cheers.

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A jazzy weekend ahead

Jurriaan Leijen in action

For people like me, that is, people living a bit north of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, there are opportunities coming up for having a great jazz weekend between Friday 25 March and Sunday 27 March. First there is a small but very cozy jazz festival named "Slagkracht" or "Jazztival" of which I am not sure. Anyway it is held in Provadja, Alkmaar. On Friday and Sunday there is a total of 5 Hammond jazz gigs on this festival which I list below:

  • Friday, March 25, 20:45, Cantaloupe

    • Huib Folmer - Sopranosax

    • Ronald de Rochemont - Bass

    • Christiaan Seemann - Hammond organ

    • Bram de Visser - Drums

  • Friday, March 25, 23:45, Juicy Organism

    • Ab Dekker - Drums

    • Jurriaan Leijen - Hammondorgan

    • Ton Mulders - Guitar

    • Dick Remelink - Tenorsax

    • Frank Stolwijk - Tenorsax

  • Sunday, March 27, 15:45, New Morning

    • Tim Eijmaal - Guitar

    • Lex Geerlings - Basgitaar

    • Maarten Helsloot - Hammond organ

    • Jeroen Vrolijk - Drums

  • Sunday, March 27, 17:45, The fabulous Jets

    • Freek Kroon - Drums

    • Elvis Sergo - Hammondorgan

    • Wouter Wierda - Sopranosax

  • Sunday, March 27, 21:45, Wild Hunt

    • Erik H. Blok - Trombone

    • Sebastiaan Cornelissen - Drums

    • Elvis Sergo - Hammond organ

    • Jaap Winder - Altsax

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