The Hammond Jazz Inventory
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The Hammond Jazz Inventory

Bob DeVos - Breaking The Ice

Orghammogram focus

Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Joey DeFrancesco - The Champ Round 2

We couldn't resist yet another way to express ourself. From now on we will submit fragments of our Hammond organ jazz oriented mind on Twitter.

Akiko Tsuruga

Jack McDuff quote
Some people are messiní with the drawbars so much they donít get any playiní done.

Jimmy Ponder

T.C. Pfeiler - Dynaflow

Eric van Heijzen Group - Easy, Still Blue

The Tenor Triange with The Melvin Rhyne Trio - Aztec Blues

Rhoda Scott - Take Five

Oscar Marchioni - Croccodile Hammond Grooves

Questions about orghammograms
Question: What exactly is an orghammogram?

Answer: A Hammond Jazz Inventory clickable orghammogram is a graphical representation of musicians that are related through one ore more recordings off (funk) jazz (or fusion) music in which the (Hammond) organ plays a significant role. An orghammogram is a model of reality only as far as these relations are retrievable from The Hammond Jazz Inventory database. When more information about recordings is added to the Hammond Jazz Inventory database the relation between musicians will change and so will the orghammograms change over time. Every musician has its own unique set of orghammograms (see the next question) which are reachable from every musicians detail page. When viewing an orghammogram, one can "travel" to another musicians' orghammogram by clicking on that musician in the current orghammogram.

Question: What is the level that I can select when choosing to view an orghammogram?

Answer: You can view orghammograms from a musicians detail page. You can select different levels by clicking on the litte right arrow sets next to the numbers 1,2,3 and 4 in the musicians profile, or by clicking on one of the command buttons lower down on the page (see pictures).

A level of 2 means that all musicians that have recorded one ore more songs with the current musician will be part of the orghammogram to be displayed, as well as all the musicians that on their turn that have recorded one ore more songs with these musicians on this first level of depth from the current musician. When choosing a depth of 3 or 4, we will take this mechanism one or two steps further respectively. A level 1 orghammograms more simply displays all musiscians that are related by one or more recordings to the current musician.

Question: Sometimes I can not select a depth 3 or 4 orghammogram for a musician. Why is that?

Answer: Producing orghammograms is quite compute intensive, this is specially true for depth 3 and 4 orghammograms. Also, as we add information about recordings to the Hammond Jazz Invenory database the orghammograms of musicians participating on the new recordings have to be recomputed. This is why we have choosen only to offer depth 1 and 2 orghammograms on demand. If a current depth 1 or 2 orghammogram is not available on the server, it will be computed the first time a visitor requests it. This first time requester will have to wait a little for the orghammogram construction to finish. The next visitor will have it delivered almost instantly because after the first requester it will be available on the server. Depth 3 and 4 orghammograms are computed by a process running in the background, independent from visitors requests. If you would like us to provide a currently unavailable depth 3 or 4 orghammogram for a specific musician please leave a message here.