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Mauri Sanchis - Less Is More

Musician focus

Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Maggy Scott - Talking To The World

T.C. Pfeiler quote
Never ask me "Me or the console?".

Lewinsky Quartet - Omnipotent

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Jimmy Smith - It's Necessary

Joey DeFrancesco - One Take

Lou Bennett - Enfin!

Rob Schepens

Groove Holmes - Good Vibrations

The Nick Rossi Set - On The Outset

A new rss feed and other Hammond jazz organ social networking

We used to have two separate rss feeds; one for new articles and another one for updates on musicians, band, albums and songs. We merged the two feeds into a single new one that looks better, has less errors and bugs and is also available on Feedburner if you like that. Subscribe to our new rss feed and you will always be up to date whenever something changes on the site. We recommend subscribing to the feed through Feedburner because that way you can add it to Yahoo, Google etcetera. And we can keep track of the usage. From now on, the older feeds are deprecated. The world keeps changing, so do we.

There are more ways to stay in contact with us. Since a few weeks we tweet on Twitter. A selection of the updates on The Hammond Jazz Inventory also end up as tweets on Twitter and once in a while we tweet a random thought. Twip. If you or someone you know - or even a Hammond organ jazz related band - uses Twitter for Hammond organ jazz related tweets, let us know on our contact page and we will start following it. In the mean time, click the icon and start following us.

Did we ever tell you we are on Myspace. We are. Whether you like it or not, Myspace is a great place to meet soul mates. We already have 250+ friends and some of them play really good Hammond organ jazz, or other music, or other instruments, or no usic and instrument at all. Seriously, on Myspace it's a bit harder to keep the topics strictly organ jazz related, but once in a while we do real valuable discoveries over there. Click the icon and join us as a friend on Myspace.

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