The Hammond Jazz Inventory
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The Hammond Jazz Inventory

Don Patterson - Steady Comin' At Ya

Album focus

Jimmy Smith quote
I copped my solos from horn players. I don't listen to keyboard players. I can't get what I want from keyboard players.

Red Holloway - Coast To Coast

Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Melvin Rhyne - Stick To The Kick

We couldn't resist yet another way to express ourself. From now on we will submit fragments of our Hammond organ jazz oriented mind on Twitter.

Lou Donaldson - Mr. Ching A Ling

Russell Malone

George Kontrafouris - Little Daddy Blues

Jan Kořínek and Groove featuring Lorenzo Thompson - Good Rockin Tonight

Richard Holmes - A Bowl Of Soul

The Howard Roberts Quartet - H.R. Is A Dirty Guitar Player

Introducing orghammospheres

A detail of Gary Chandler's orghammosphere
On top of our world famous orghammograms we now offer live animated orghammospheres. These in place morphing graphic representations of relationship between musicians that recorded together - on one or more jazz/funk/blues albums on which the organ plays a significant role - enable enhanced navigation through the contents of The Hammond Jazz Inventory. Orghammospheres can be reached from every musicians detail pages. When the orghammosphere for an artist is available for display you can click the highlighted word "Browse" to get to it.
How to get there

When we exam the statistics of about the last 10.000 visitors, we can see chances are around 50% you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer. That's a shame. We always try to design our pages to be suitable for all browsers out there but for orghammospheres we didn't reach that goal. They are best viewed with any browser except Microsoft Internet Explorer. Startup Firefox and jump in the orghammospheres of Reuben Wilson, Bob DeVos, Freddie Roach or any other musician you can find in the The Hammond Jazz Inventory.

We would like to thank Nicolas Garcia Belmonte who wrote the jit library that enabled orghammospheres. Technically interested organ jazz lovers can read the nitty gritty details here.

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