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The Hammond Jazz Inventory

The Demagogue Reacts! - Kazzbah

Musician focus

Jimmy Smith quote
So when I came out that fuckin' warehouse, man, I was ready for anybody.

Freddie Roach - Good Move

Dr. Lonnie Smith quote
I really was thinking Jimmy Smith but it just always came out different

Dr. Lonnie Smith

Do you write?
You might not know but the blog section of The Hammond Jazz Inventory is open for anyone who has something to say about a topic related to Hammond Jazz, or Organ Jazz if you want. Do you have an article you want to have published, please let us know here.

Charles Earland - Funk Fantastique

Greg Skaff

Shirley Scott - A Walkin' Thing

Bob DeVos

Lonnie Smith - Think!

Jack McDuff

Our second anniversary

On 22 February 2007 we declared The Hammond Jazz Inventory officially live. Some simple math tells us today is our second anniversary. Congratulations and Wouter, thanks for the cake. Right now The Hammond Jazz Inventory contains the detailed description of more then 375 albums, complete with cover art, track listing and details on personnel. Some more simple math tells us we add an album around every other day. How many jazz organ albums are out there in the world? What would be your guess? We possess around 600, so there is still some work to do.

Remember you can access all this information through the musicians, bands, albums and songs submenu in the Inventory menu.

One unexpected side effect of the growth of the inventory is that a lot of orghammograms can not be computed any more. (If you don't know what an orghammogram is you can read more about them here). They are becoming just to large. But there are still beautiful ones out there:

Orghammogram for Hank Swarn as of 22 February 2009

What are we going to do in our third year? First, going on like we did in the first two years, adding more and more info to the Inventory. We also are working on a system to produce a .pdf file with the content of the Inventory that can be downloaded for your convenience.

We are happy we are two years old now. This baby is going to be big strong man.

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Congratulations for the second anniversary

gr. Harrie Willems

Congatulations on 2 years!
It's wonderful to be a part of this site and I share your passion for the Jazz Hammond sound. Congatulations on 2 years and I hope for many more years to come.

Hartstikke gefeliciteerd hoor! Enne, tot zaterdag

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